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Celebrate Romance
Book Trade

Come and join the fun!


Here's a way to pick up some new-to-you, untried authors/books! You will get a book to take home for

each book you bring to the trade tables.

There are a few basic rules to follow so that everyone is guaranteed a fun, eventful and fair trade experience.

A. The General Trade will consist of three categories:

Single Titles


Classics/Dream Titles

B. The Advance Trade can be any or all of the above.

C. All books should be in GOOD to VERY GOOD condition, with minor wear and tear (see exception* under Classics, below)

D. No books older than 1998 UNLESS they fit the

description of a CLASSIC title (see description below)

E. No books newer than January 2003

F. Books brought for the General Trade should be selected from titles you considered a good read - like ones you would have on your keeper/almost keeper shelves, or Very Hard To Find Titles

**G. Don't bring titles that had very large print runs; i.e., those that are readily available -- the trade is a vehicle for obtaining books that are a little harder to track down. (Definition of large print runs: Books reprinted several times, or best sellers. Avoid, please.)**

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Definition of Book Types:

Single titles: Full-length novels, such as those published by Avon, Pocketbooks, etc. Included here also are Regencies published by certain "lines" (e.g. Signet, Zebra)

Categories: Generally shorter, sequentially numbered, paperbacks published under certain "lines" (e.g. Silhouette, Harlequin)

Classics/Dream Titles: Very hard to find (VHTF), in-demand paperbacks. A good rule of thumb would be books that are requested quite often on internet search lists such as BSJ, or that are often auctioned. Some examples could be original categories by Nora Roberts, Jayne Ann Krentz or Linda Howard; older Regencies by Mary Balogh or Jo Beverley, etc. [Members of the CR_Booktrade list at yahoogroups, created for the Advance Trade, will find a list of Classics for reference under the "Files" section.]

*Exception to "condition" rule: If a Classic is truly VHTF, condition can be FAIR to GOOD, with more spine creases, more cover wear, even several stamps inside. It should be decent, however, and the pages should be intact.

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How the General Trade Works:

During the registration period on Friday evening (reception)*, turn in your books to the book trade volunteers at the conference. Maximum of 20 books per person, please. You will receive a color coded ticket for each book you turn in. The color(s) will identify what type of book(s) you brought. For example, for a single title, you will receive a certain color ticket. This ticket will entitle you to pick out another single title during the trade on Saturday afternoon.

During the trading period, each participant may choose three books at a time. This will allow everyone a fair chance at the books available. Once you've been "checked out", you may return to the tables for another three as long as you have tickets to "spend". "Checking out" is done by presenting books and matching tickets to designated volunteers.

*If you are not attending the Friday reception, and only if you are not, turn in your trade books first thing Saturday morning during sign-in! Please do so as early as possible.

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The Advance Trade:

Requests for specific titles may be made via the Advance Trade (or ABT, for Advance Book Trade). This is carried out via a mailing list on yahoogroups.com, beginning immediately and closing on or about April 27th.

To take part in this lively activity, search for CR_booktrade at yahoogroups.com and subscribe. (Alternately, join by sending a message to CR_booktrade-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.) Fellow members will point you in the right direction for accessing the DB. Then be ready to sharpen your book hunting skills -- help find the books that fellow readers have wanted or needed for ages!

How to reciprocate for books found for you in the advance trade:

a. Find a book of the same type for any request on the booktrade list (i.e., a single title for a single title). (The first finder to post the find at the DB is the one accepted, so post your FIND right away).
b. Bring a book of the same type found for you (i.e., a single title for a single title; see criteria for acceptable trade books above).

To turn in books at conference and pick up yours: Print out and tuck in the bookmarks created by Nils for your finds on the DB. Tuck each bookmark into corresponding book. Bring a bag (or more) with your name clearly written on it and your request list stapled on, plus your book finds, to Friday night's reception. Set up your bag along with the other requestors' labeled bags. Distribute your finds into the other bags; check off the title on the requestor's list.

Things to keep in mind:

If there are multiple requests for the same book, the first requestor will receive the first find.

Books found should be GOOD condition. If it is in a lesser condition, post this information at the DB, and requestor will the option of accepting or declining. Once the requestor has decided to accept a book, the trade is considered completed.

The number of books you can request (or find) are unlimited ("manageable" might be a good key word). This number is in addition to those you may want to bring for the General Trade portion at the Event.

The distribution of Finds on Friday night is on an honor system; if you mark off a book on a requestors' list, you are swearing that you placed the corresponding book into the bag. Let's keep this clean and fun!

Members of the CR_Booktrade are always happy to answer questions, so when in doubt, do ask the list. Join this list at http://www.yahoogroups.com; search for CR_Booktrade