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Celebrate Romance
Registration Information


Before proceeding to the registration form, please read ALL of the following information first. It will save any potential confusion later on!


While a true maximum for sign-ups for this gathering has not been "cemented", if a maximum is set by the hotel, it will be posted here and announced instantly via our email newsletter. It's important that you register as early as possible so ensure a space.


Registration fee for all CR2003 attendees: $120.00. Registration fee covers the catered group meals and activities only. It does not include hotel sleeping rooms; they must be booked and paid for individually. Books purchased onsite, as well as drinks not specifically included in our menu, are also not included.

Payment: Check or money order must accompany mailed-in registration form in order to be processed. Make check or money order payable only to: Margie B. Wilhelm.

As this is a voluntary, social (ad)venture, I do not have a special account set up for the event! I will return checks/m.o.'s not made out correctly, which may result in your space being taken by someone else!

Alternate method for payment: You may use a credit card by signing up with Paypal at http://www.paypal.com. Once you're a member, payment may be made by "sending money" to cr@lanset.com. If using this method, please email or send via snail mail a completed registration form at the same time! Note on the form that payment was made via Paypal.

Deadline for receipt of form and fee: April 26, 2003


An official, numbered confirmation form will be sent via email after the registration deadline. Print and keep the confirmation in a safe location. You must bring the confirmation with you to CR 2003 and present it at the sign-in table of all official functions! Please do not give our hard-working volunteers a hard time by not having your confirmation with you.


Cancellations will be accepted if received by April 5, 2003. Written or email cancellations are acceptable. Send written cancellations to the Event Coordinator at the address listed below, or email cancellation note to cr@lanset.com. Due to hotel conference contractual obligations, a full refund can't be given for cancellations. A minimum of $60.00 (50%) can be refunded for any requests received by April 5, 2003.

See you in Sacramento!

Margie B. Wilhelm
CR Event Coordinator
4880 San Juan Avenue
PMB 123
Fair Oaks, CA 95628